The purpose of business continuity planning is to produce a detailed plan that will  enable your team to reassemble all critical business functions in a time of crisis.

“Trust is key when you are looking for a disaster recovery partner and we certainly have that in our provider Skanco.¬† Together we test our DR solution annually at their Restart facility and leave with the peace of mind that should a disaster situation happen, Equiom are in the best possible hands.”

Stephen Roberts, Global IT, Integration and Change Director, Equiom Group

When disaster strikes, we manage the reinstatement of your systems, software and data, taking responsibility for getting you up and running in the fastest possible time. This enables you and your staff to concentrate on managing your business.

Our purpose-built Restart facility in Braddan offers a space to reinstate part or all of your business and is resilient to all of the most common hazards that might otherwise bring it to a halt. It features:

  • 140 fully serviced work positions across multiple rooms
  • Secure, gated car parking with seventy bays
  • Emergency generator, fire protection, CCTV, environmental controls and a full door access system
  • Diversified telecoms links, including multiple cable routes and backup wireless connections
  • Reception, board-room and recreational facilities
  • Voice recording services
  • Recovery from backup tape or real-time data replication available

Our staff of highly trained technical engineers and crisis managers offer expertise in business continuity planning, risk analysis, business protection and recovery methods.

Business Continuity Planning

The purpose of business continuity planning is to produce a detailed plan that will enable your team to reassemble all critical business functions in a time of crisis. The plan should be straightforward, unambiguous and concise. It should be continually refined and tested so that your team has complete confidence in it. It is very important to regularly test your continuity plans, many changes take place daily in modern business and their importance can easily be overlooked.
Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is a consultative process to determine what impact certain events would have on your business. This is achieved by exploring threats that may stop all or part of your business from functioning. The simplest function performed somewhere in your organisation can stop your entire business if it is taken for granted. Being aware of the risks is part of the solution, the aim being to minimise the risks you are exposed to.

Business protection

Our Skanco centres are furnished with everything you need to stay in business. We have fully equipped work areas ready and waiting. This, combined with dedicated Comms rooms, rest rooms, canteen facilities, and wash rooms, the centres can sustain a mini office environment for a considerable period of time. Add this to the 24 hour call line which will accommodate an invocation within a four hour period, and you can be rebuilding your server within hours of your disaster occurring, day or night.

The availability to regularly test this facility, and your recovery plan, will also bring comfort and peace of mind to both the IT departments and Managers directly responsible for the Business. If a problem does arise during the test process, it can be rectified there and then without disruption to your critical systems

The Isle of Man centre offers a purpose built 10,000 sq. ft facility capable of accommodating 150 people.


We offer the traditional syndicated servers to allow your systems to be recovered from tape at Restart or on your premises.

For times when you need a faster recovery period we offer hosted rack space allowing for your critical systems to be replicated over a standard VPN connection or dedicated circuit. When used in conjunction with the Restart seat recovery plans an efficient and speedy recovery is possible.


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