Every business relies on the accuracy and security of its data. Skanco’s tape collection and offsite media storage is designed to offer you an affordable way to keep your data safe.

“Deciding to use Skanco’s Media Storage service was an easy business decision to make.  It takes the responsibility away from DQ and gives us the confidence that our data is backed up, taken offsite and is safely stored at Skanco. Working with Skanco gives us enormous confidence that our data is being handled in a reliable and secure way.”

Paul Blake, Chief Operating Officer, DQ Advocates Ltd

Skanco’s media collection and off-site storage is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional tape storage system in-house. Media storage enables clients to store backup media in a secure off-site environment, within fireproof safes at Skanco’s Braddan office. Each customer has allocated space within the safe and that customer’s authority must be granted before media from the safe can be removed.

Other features of the service include:

  • Tape collections daily, weekly and monthly
  • 24 hour access to your media by collection or delivery
  • A dedicated area in our fireproof storage safes
  • Constant CCTV monitoring and strict security protocols
  • Secure transport and security screened staff
  • Fully maintained delivery and collection records
  • Guaranteed fast recall of media

Protect your business from theft, fire, flood, human error, sabotage and a host of other risks with our fully managed media storage, ensuring the safety and integrity of your backup media as part of a wider business continuity strategy.

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