Your data is your crown jewels. Without access to your systems and data your business cannot function. Loss of data can be accidental or due to malicious attacks. Your company needs to be sure they can recover from such incidents in a timely manner.  Our Backup as a Service or BaaS service allows your company to sleep soundly knowing that their data backups are being proactively monitored and managed. Further to this with quarterly restore testing included you can be sure you can recover and how long that might take.

Our BaaS is a subscription based service with a fixed monthly cost. Let us worry about keeping your data backed up and safe.

It features:

  • Backup strategy planning
  • Onsite network storage appliance
  • Offsite cloud based backup
  • Backup software
  • Installation, configuration and ongoing management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Quarterly restore testing
  • Option to expand to disaster recovery seats at our Restart centre

Our staff of highly trained technical engineers and professional helpdesk offer expertise in business continuity planning, risk analysis, business protection and recovery methods.


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