Black Friday is only 2 days away. A high proportion of sales will be carried out online.

Keep in mind that hackers also will try to take advantage of this online rush and into the Festive period.

Tips to keep your online shopping safe

  • Ensure your devices are fully up-to-date before browsing.
  • Utilize a good antivirus/endpoint software even on mobile devices.
  • Run a full scan of the device prior to any online shopping
  • Do not user public wifi hotspots for purchasing or inputting credit card details
  • Always check for the https lock symbol
  • Look into using a prepaid top up card for paying

If you dont have anything currently running on your desktop devices, you can try all the advanced features of sophos home for 30 days which includes encypting your keystrokes, banking details etc.

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Keep safe online and happy bargain hunting


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