Skanco’s dark web monitoring service searches the most secretive corners of the dark web to find compromised credentials associated with your company, contractors and other personnel, and notifies you immediately when these critical assets are compromised, before they are used for identity theft, data breaches or other crimes.

How Skanco’s dark web monitoring service protects your business;

  • 24/7/365 Dark Web Monitoring
  • Delivers the same advanced credential monitoring capabilities used by enterprise companies
  • Connects to multiple Dark Web services, to search for compromised credentials, without requiring you to connect any of your software or hardware to these high-risk services directly.
  • Proactive solution provides real-time awareness of compromised credentials before identity theft or data breaches occur.

How the service works

You will provide us a list of business domain names you wish to be monitored. We then on-board you to our secure dark web monitoring platform and within the first 24 hours, we will provide you with a list of breaches found in the past 36 months.

This will be sent securely via our encrypted mail portal and our professional services helpdesk team will give you a call to ensure you have received the mail and if any assistance is needed.

From that point forward, any new breaches found will be reported in the same manner so proactive action can be taken.

Additional benefits

Once your company signs up, an added benefit to this service is that we can monitor personal email addresses of C-Level staff. This allows us to notify them in the same way should their personal credentials be breached.

Find out if your company is exposed via leaked credentials

Contact our Sales team to find out more about the service and our security team will run a search of the dark web to let you know

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