Whether you use on premise or cloud based systems your network is the gateway to access those.  If your network goes offline, it can bring your business to a grinding halt. That interruption means lost productivity, and of course lost revenue. With our network monitoring as a service or NMaaS your network will be proactively monitored and will work just like electricity, silently and reliably working in the background to power your business.

Our NMaaS is a subscription based service with a fixed monthly cost.

It features:

  • Proactive monitoring to spot issues before they affect your connections
  • Assessing and ensuring your network continues to meet your needs
  • Reduces your network risk
  • Realtime alerting
  • Automatically map out and find newly added devices
  • Overview of utilization of network and devices over time
  • Locate network misconfigurations
  • Change control

Our staff of highly trained technical engineers and professional helpdesk will work with your company to ensure your network stays  running with optimum performance.


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