Companies are now looking to the cloud to run their infrastructure. Usually the first part to move is email from on premise to Office365. Office365 is a fantastic platform for hosting your email, however many are not aware that Microsoft only keeps 30 days of  backup for mailboxes. This means if an email or folder is deleted by mistake and noticed after that period there is no way to recover the emails. Our Office365 backup solution allows your company to backup all the mailboxes and keep up-to 2 years of backups for recovery.

Our Office365 backup is a subscription based service with a fixed monthly cost.

It features:

  • Backup of all office365 mailboxes
  • Backup software
  • Cloud based storage for 2 years worth of recovery
  • Installation, configuration and ongoing management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Helpdesk support to recover mailboxes, emails and folders
  • Coming soon: Onedrive and Sharepoint backup

Our staff of highly trained technical engineers and professional helpdesk  will work with your company to  ensure your critical email is backup and can be recovered in the event of a loss of data.


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