Ransomware is an epidemic for small to midsize businesses and email phishing scams continue to be the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals. However, technology alone cannot provide adequate security defense, as employees must be trained to avoid common security threats. Recent security reports reveal that 95% of data breaches are caused by employee error.  Our SecTaaS empowers your employees by continuously training them on the latest threats so they become a “human firewall” to protect your business.

Our SecTaaS is a subscription based service with a fixed monthly cost. By using our training platform you can empower your users and have them thinking “security”.

It features:

  • Annual online security training
  • Weekly mini security training video and quiz
  • Library of mini security videos 100+ to raise awareness
  • Monthly security newsletter
  • Templated security policies and procedures
  • Security assessment scores by employee
  • Company branded portal
  • Self service creation of accounts
  • Gamification for employees to compete for higher security awareness
  • Dark web monitoring included

Our platform provides flexible options including;

  • Self managed
  • Managed by us including monthly report on performance + dark web alerting
  • Managed by us including additional annual classroom based training


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