Our expert team of security professionals along with your dedicated account manager can guide your business through what security offerings Skanco can provide bespoke to your needs.

whether you are looking for web site security, email security or any other digital security, we can help.

As well as this we can also help with the security of the practical side of your business. this includes staff training and risk assessments. For your free consultation on any of our security services please contact your account manager or call the sales team on 01624 680821 or click here to email.


Lack of knowledge and awareness within your staff members is a big threat to your business. With today’s security technology acting like a fort, hackers attack the easiest part of your company to access- your employees. Our security team will train your employees using an interactive security awareness session that will highlight the risks your employees and business faces on a daily basis. This course is CPD certified.  


Companies believe that they have reviewed all risks or that their technology solutions in place will stop any threats to their business. Our security team will look at all aspects of your business including technology, people, policies and procedures. They will provide you with an independent viewpoint on the risks you may not have considered.

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91% of hacks originate via emails proposing to be a legitimate contact.  Hackers target your employees to give them access to your network with a simple click or capture of credentials. Our security team will test your employees behaviour by sending mails like a hacker might.  This is carried out using a controlled process with no risk to personal or business information.  Your exposure to such attacks is assessed and reported back to you.


Holes in your defences, gaps in your technology, social engineering and other methods used by hackers to gain access to your staff, your building and your business. Our ethical penetration testers work to find weaknesses in your defences.  Supplied by Skanco but with no prior knowledge of your setup for an unbiased report.


Skanco’s Dark Web Monitoring service is the industry’s first commercial solution to detect compromised user credentials in real-time on the Dark Web. Our Help Desk monitor and search the most secretive corners of the internet to find compromised credentials associated with your company domain. In the event of your credentials being compromised our Help Desk will notify you immediately, allowing you to take corrective action and mitigate against the risk of this information falling in to the wrong hands. Don’t leave it until it is too late.


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Technical Services

Even the most impressive IT systems are redundant without the technical expertise required to maintain them. It is crucial to have qualified engineers on call who can respond quickly and efficiently. “Skanco have been managing the IT requirements at ICM for the past 8 years now utilising our technical support contract for both planned weekly…Read More

Restart Building

Business Continuity

The purpose of business continuity planning is to produce a detailed plan that will enable your team to reassemble all critical business functions in a time of crisis. Our staff of highly trained technical engineers and crisis managers offer expertise in business continuity planning, risk analysis, business protection and recovery methods. When disaster strikes, we…Read More

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Our highly qualified staff can integrate seamlessly with your business, giving you the benefit of having a whole team of specialists and experts at your disposal. “We need a company that goes one step further to provide added value and Skanco is that company.” Bill Mummery, Executive Director, SBOBET Many small or medium sized businesses…Read More



When something stops working it can halt the smooth operation of your business if you do not have a solution in place. With a flexible contract tailored to suit your needs, Skanco can deal with any problems that arise so that you don’t have to. “We have confidence that Skanco can respond promptly when we…Read More



Hosting has become an important part of managing and maintaining data and business-critical applications. We deliver a range of reliable, scalable and secure solutions to meet your company needs from quarter rack hosting up to full secure hosting areas containing multiple racks. “Running an effective web business is hard enough without worrying about the technology….Read More

Media storage

Media Storage

Every business relies on the accuracy and security of its data. Skanco’s tape collection and offsite media storage is designed to offer you an affordable way to keep your data safe. “Deciding to use Skanco’s Media Storage service was an easy business decision to make.  It takes the responsibility away from DQ and gives us…Read More

HW disposal


IT hardware is constantly being updated and you don’t want your old equipment becoming a liability. “Data security is an essential factor in our business and it is imperative we maintain our high standards when it comes to disposing of aging equipment.  Skanco being accredited for ISO 27001 in Information Security gives us that comfort…Read More



To allow your business to function at its most productive, you need to be sure that you are making the most of the technology that is available. Skanco invests in understanding its clients’ needs and works closely with suppliers to guarantee that our solutions meet them. “Skanco consistently provide us with a top quality service….Read More

IT Relocation

IT Relocation

Moving offices costs time and effort, but we can make life easier. We use our experience to manage the relocation of your IT equipment efficiently, cutting your stress levels and staff downtime. “Our business has grown from 50 users to over 350 in the last 6 years and with that comes a lot of moving…Read More

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