March 31st 2019 is World Backup day.

Backups are critical for keeping your business up and running when a data disaster strikes. Every day businesses are creating and accumulating data they need to protect, and World Backup day reminds us of the importance of backing up, whether that be personal or company data.

Businesses must take preventative measures and ensure they have a solid backup strategy in place if they want to avoid damage to their reputation because of data loss.

Common backup pitfalls include;

  • Backing up the wrong data
  • Backups failing and not being noticed till its too late
  • Lack of ransomware protection for backup storage
  • No proactive restore testing policies
  • Incorrect recovery assumptions

Backing up the wrong data

When a backup solution is implemented, often users may schedule a backup and accidentally set them up to backup the wrong drives and folders. If backups are not setup correctly from the outset or adjusted over time it is vital that they are double checked on a regular basis otherwise you are at risk of losing data you thought was protected.

Backups failing and not being noticed till it’s too late

If businesses set automated backups which are not checked or monitored, it’s very easy for a company to be caught out. Often businesses assume that their backups are working without checking this is the case. Typically, this is flagged up when an employee deletes something, and the company attempts a restore, only to realise that the backups haven’t been working for weeks or even months.

Lack of ransomware protection for backup storage

Regular backups have become even more important with the rise of Ransomware attacks which locks the user out of their files or their device, then demand an anonymous online payment to restore access. Ransomware is one of the top cyber threats effecting business today. The best defence against this is a good anti-ransomware solution such as Sophos Intercept-x and a solid backup strategy.

In some cases, it is common for backup data to be available via windows file and print sharing. This is one of the easiest ways for Ransomware to spread and doesn’t provide businesses with ample time to disconnect the backup before is it encrypted.

No proactive restore testing policies

There is a common saying that “an untested backup is no backup at all”. This holds true as many have been caught out when trying to restore data only to find out that the data wasn’t being backed up at all. They then realise that they only have out of date versions or that the tape drive can not read the tape the backup is located on. Regular testing is vital to any solid backup strategy and should be carried out at least once a month along with an annual DR test.

Incorrect recovery assumptions

Without proactive restore testing, there is no way a company can answer the questions a) Can we recover? and b) How long would it take? Backups may work but if they take a lifetime to recover, the business could be non-operational for hours, even days in some cases and suffer significant financial loss as a result.

How Skanco can help

Skanco have been helping Isle of Man businesses for over 30 years with securing and backing up data. We have a number of solutions and services which can help your business to ensure vital data and systems continue to support your operations.

Services include;

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) – Fully managed on premises & cloud-based backup solution maintained by Skanco engineers
  • Office365 backup – Fully managed backup solution for office365
  • Media storage – Secure media storage and collection service
  • Hosting – Host your own offsite backup solution at our Restart datacentre
  • Business continuity – Planning assistance and dedicated disaster recovery space based at our Restart datacentre


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